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Apr 18, 2013 5:00pm EDT
got to be kidding. that has got to be it. liz: 5:00, fbi press conference. we'll take it right here. melissa: breaking news right now. the fbi is holding a press conference with the latest information. we are going to take you to it live the second it starts. we've been told that we're going to get a video related to the bombing. we are showing that video in the bottom of your screen so you know you won't miss a minute of it. let's listen. in looks like it is starting right now. >> we will have some photos available for you today and also we will be posting some video at we hope to be back shortly in the next five to ten minutes. thank you very much. melissa: okay. so as you saw, they said they will be giving us that video we were talking about in a couple minutes and we'll take the press conference live as soon as it starts but it will be another five or ten minutes. in the meantime we want to tell you "who made money today". investors still shorting apple. the stock plunged again to close at $392. this is the first time apple shares have closed below 400 since decembe
FOX News
Apr 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
pecksniffian. >> sean: this is a fox news alert, an international manhunt underway now that the fbi has released videos and photos of two suspects in the boston terror bombings. the fbi is asking for help identifying these two men. suspect number one as seen on your screen was wearing a dark hat and a dark backpack. suspect number two was wearing a white backwards hat. authorities say that this suspect is seen on video setting down a backpack at the site of the second explosion. the fbi warns that these men may be armed and should be considered extremely dangerous. for the very latest we go live to boston where our very own mike toben is on the ground tonight. mike? >> you can assume these individuals haven't been in trouble before. you say that because for all of the facial recognition software, all of the databases, the mug shots, the fbi didn't come up with a lead. the fact they held this press conference means they had exhausted all of their evidence, turning to the public for new leads. as soon as they went public with these very clear images the leads. our affiliate, fox 25, c
FOX Business
Apr 17, 2013 11:00am EDT
now of being affected with some type of poison. this is from the wording that is in this fbi bulletin, both are postmarked out of memphis, tennessee. enclosed letters contain identical verbiage that include the phrase to see a wrong and unexposed it is to become a silent partner to its continuance. >> they prove that our proactive measures we put in place do in fact work. the american people will find those responsible for the attack in washington and the letter here the capitol. rich: the investigation continues in the washington, d.c. area. the investigation also continues in the boston area. they found a nylon blackberry, pressure cookers, bbs and nails. back to you. connell: a number of things for us to talk about. let's start before we get to the markets and matt welsh. we thought it was all about immigration and gun control. now, though boston bombings and these ricin attacks or whatever they turn out to be. >> it may be coming up that maybe tomorrow that it keeps getting changed. government and politicians always respond to crisis with an understanding to do something about it.
FOX Business
Apr 18, 2013 8:00pm EDT
is familiar to all of you released earlier today what the fbi to try to find what it says are the two likely suspects behind the monday boston marathon bombing. but i want to show you something else just then that you have not seen, and this is courtesy of our friends and colleagues, or boston fox affiliate. take a close look at this. this is the finish line. in the middle, just behind the crossbars circled in red is the bag the you're so much about, the package. above, a fellow who looks like he's in a white cap, he has just dropped off that back. near him is 8-year-old martin richards, next to martin, the year-old boy who was there watching his dad finish the boston marathon, his mom and sister. back to this picture. this scene, this snapshot in time, our affiliate has beautifully gone ahead and learn of the images of those in the crowd. minutes before everything changes. minutes before a year-old martin richard would be dead. his sister would lose her legs, and her mom, his mom would be claiming to life. this is just the beginning, and this is the reason why the fbi is convinced that thes
Apr 22, 2013 11:00am PDT
today, new questions about how the fbi interrogated tamerlan tsarnaev before the attacks. >> why didn't the fbi follow up on that? you combine the first interrogation, the first examination plus the subsequent act. when somebody is brought to your attention, you investigate and find nothing and then he carries out murders, you wonder, didn't you miss something in the investigation? >> and today, our investigative team uncovered new details about the suspect's weapons. tamerlan and dzhokhar both carried illegal guns. neither had proper permits nor petitions and dzhokhar tsarnaev was under age. within the last hour the white house explained why the surviving suspect will go through the criminal system. >> he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice under u.s. law. the united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions and it is important to remember that since 9/11, we have used the federal court system to convict and incarcerate hundreds of terrorists. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams i
FOX News
Apr 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. but nothing confirmed by the hospital or f.b.i.. all of that information will come through the f.b.i.. they told us he was in serious but stable condition and they would have a statement they thought tonight. as of this hour, that statement hasn't been released. >> adam, you said there were a lot of police in the hospital. was there any protestors on and others showing up? >> there are no protestors and there are a number of the public walking around here and red sox fans walked through here . this is it a large medical campus. cusee a lot of medical students and doctors and nurses and looking at where the media camp would out. we were one of the first ones here and it is grown rather large knowing that the suspect is inside and we saw two f.b.i. agents leave at 4:30 and their car parked near ours . so that is kind of the scene here. no protest whatoso ever. they would be moved off and last night interesting on the way here, a few blocks down the street where boston colleges and a number of colleges and smaller ones that people may not be familiar with. they blocked off the street wi
FOX Business
Apr 18, 2013 3:00pm EDT
? >> reporter: that's right. two fbi briefings or cancel them all we have now is another fbi briefing scheduled for 5:00. the gst never happened. if the fbi breezes of 5:00 this afternoon, president obama is right now on his way back from boston where he spoke at the service. he also visited that umass general hospital to talk to victims and their families, first responders, doctors, nurses, speaking with volunteers. the president on his way back to washington right now. here in d.c. attorney-general eric holder promised to work to prevent something like this happening again. >> the department also will continue to strengthen and refine our broader national security efforts and move aggressively and identifying, disrupting, and investigating plot by foreign terrorist organizations as well as by home run extremists. >> reporter: fox news is reporting the fbi is considering , perhaps releasing video of one, possibly two suspects that they have in mind. there is also video of at least one of the devices being placed. there is an internal debate going on within the fbi right not to figure out what
Apr 21, 2013 2:00pm PDT
jihadist was once posted on his personal youtube channel. there are increasing questions about how the fbi handled its investigation of tamerlan tsarnaev. the bureau interviewed him in 2011 but didn't follow up with him after his six-month stay in russia last year. chairman of the homeland security committee says tsarnaev received training while he was in russia. we'll have much more on all of the investigation and everything you need to know straight ahead. >>> right now we are privileged to have boston police commissioner ed davis talk to us here on cnn. first, we're very proud of your officers. thanks so much for what you're doing. we understand richard donahoe is in the hospital. held a press conference a short time ago. he was shot in the thursday night firefight with the sar nefb brothers. how is he doing? >> he was in very serious condition when he was brought into the hospital. i'm told that his condition is still very serious but he's improving. we're very hopeful in our prayers go out to him and the family. >> first i want to talk about the suspect, the 19-year-old in the boat. t
Apr 16, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >> here's what we know about the investigation now being headed by the fbi. investigators say the attack consisted of just two bombs. nbc news has learned there were no other unexplode devices. at least five suspicious packages were destroyed and dozens had to be checked. in terms of suspects, right now there is no one in custody. however, police did interview a saudi man that was hospitalized with burns. they also searched his home in the boston suburb of revere and were seen removing items in bag. two men were being searched for. at this point it is not clear if the attack ornl natuiginated ov or domestically and there's been no credible claims of responsibility. today law enforcement sealed off the site of the explosions, an area stretching a mile long and about three blocks wide. streets are closed and the copley subway station is shut down. nobody is allowed into the area while the crime scene is active. >> that area is not going to be accessible for normal traffic. there are people in hotels, people who live there who have to work out how they get to and from where they need to be.
Apr 21, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to him yet? >> the questioning is going to be done by a special team brought in by the fbi. as far as i know, that has not been done yet. >> is he able to speak? is he in condition to speak? are they waiting for that? >> he's in no condition to be interrogated at this point in time. he's progressing, though, and we're monitoring the situation carefully. >> is there any evidence at this point that there were other people involved in this plot, either foreign or domestic, and that they may be planning more attacks? >> chris, i can't get into too much of the investigation, but i can tell you that we're examining every possibility here. we've told the people of boston we feel that they're safe at this point in time, and we continue to say that. there may be other components to this investigation that will lead to charges down the road. this is a very intensive and wide ranging inquiry. >> did the two brothers, from any indication you have, plan more attacks? again, i get to the public safety aspect of this. is this a possibility that there are more explosives out there that are unaccounted
Apr 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
shoot-outs with officers? watertown, massachusetts. but besides all that the fbi really does want to talk to him about the plot, how the bombs were built and how the brothers initially escaped detection. >> jeff: what do we know about its brother's possible terror connection if any? >> well, so far the fbi can't find any evidence that the brothers had any coconspirators in this attack or any connections at all to aar lr ter rohr group, either foreign or domesque. of course they are still looking but from thece s far ofs believe the old ever brother was the key. his social networking activity suggest that over the past couple of years he had become increasingly interested in radical jihad. investigators suspect he drew his 19-year-old younger brother not plot. >> jeff: so the fbi interviewed him two years ago, he was not though on their radar immediately before the bombings? >> no, that's right it was 2011, a russian authority asked the fbi to investigate tamerlan tsarnaev because there were indications in russia that maybe he had terror ties. so the fbi did the due diligence, did
FOX News
Apr 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
'm jamie colby. >> i'm eric shawn. good morning, jamie. >> good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the fbi and that special high value federal investigative team very obviously anxious to start asking questions. we're told that the suspected terrorist is in no condition to talk. governor patrick said dzhokhar is not communicative at this point. he has at least two gunshot wounds, we're told, apparently one from the carjacking bomb throwing incident thursday night. he happens to be in the same hospital that's treating about a dozen of the bombing victims. that's where we find molly line at beth israel in downtown boston. good morning, molly. >> reporter: good morning, shawn. dzhokhadzhokhar tsarnaev is undy guard. as you mentioned, there are federal authorities here looking forward to asking him some very important questions. we have some new information from the boston police commissioner, ed davis, who on "fox news sunday" said that the fbi has not been able to start questioning this suspect because he is in no condition to be interrogated. we know that he's in serious condition and that
Apr 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
senate and tonight lobbyists from the nra have made it harder for the fbi to find the murderer who planted the bombs here in boston. >> the investigation into monday's bombing in boston intensifies. >> there's a lot of information flying around right now. >> we've heard conflicting information. >> various media accounts right now as to whether or not someone is in custody. >> a suspect is about to be arre arrested. >> i have just been told that an arrest has been made. >> we are not comfortable reporting that. >> several law enforcement officers have told us that hasn't happened. >> on the record, there's been no arrests in the boston bombings case. >> here is what we actually know. >> investigators have identified solid leads from video evidence. >> investigators have obtained video. >> surveillance video specifically from a department store. >> the person placing a black bag down near the scene of the blast. >> at the same time, they are piecing together the bomb parts. >> it's a very promising lead. >> tracking where they were purchased. >> the investigation is proceeding fairly
Apr 17, 2013 10:00am PDT
in this investigation. >> i know that they're going to be doing some briefings, the fbi agent in charge, governor deval patrick, the police chief, they've been doing them every day. so i assume they will be doing one at this point if they have this kind of significant progress to report that will be dramatic indeed. i assume you don't know if the suspect is american, foreigner, anything along those lines? >> a physical description was given to me, wolf, i want to be very careful because this is sensitive information, but dark-skinned individual. and i want to just stop there. a further description were given by this source, but it was a background conversation. they're not willing to discuss it on the record right now. given the sensitivity, you heard governor patrick saying yesterday it's so important to the people of massachusetts and the country for that matter in his words turn to each other and not against each other. it was described to me as a dark-skinned male individual shown in the video. there was some further descriptions used, but just for sensitivity purposes until we get more information
Apr 16, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. but to investigators, every small piece of evidence they collect will be a treasure trove. >> reporter: if the fbi belief about the pressure cooker bears out, it will be no surprise to counterterrorism officials who have warned about their possible use with readily available components for years. there are numerous descriptions online about how to build a pressure-cooker bomb, including this detailed one posted in an al qaeda internet publication. april is also a month with significance for domestic terror groups. the month of the waco raid and the oklahoma city bombing. as president obama made clear today, there's still no evidence of who is responsible for this act of terrorism. >> this was a heinous and cowardly act, and given what we now know about what took place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: the fbi agents tell us they have tons of video, and somewhere in there will be a picture of the person who planted these two bombs, diane. >> speaking of pictures, i want to ask you about a photo that everybody was e-mailing today. it is a man standing up on top of a r
FOX News
Apr 20, 2013 2:00am PDT
.s. to investigate the deceased brother tamerlan tsarnaev and in the 2011 year, the fbi did that, they interviewed him. peter doocy is following this part of the story for us and joins us live from washington with more. peter? >> reporter: heather, they're. the fbi got a request from a foreign government at the beginning of 2011 to track down tamerlan tsarnaev because this foreign government suspected he might have extremist ties. so the fbi took advantage of massive u.s. databases to look for evidence in phone logs, internet records. they searched for known associates, even interviewed tamerlan and some family members of his, although we aren't sure which ones. after all that, they found no evidence of terrorist activity, either here or abroad. so they let him go and closed the case and now experts are explaining how he might have been able to fly below the radar and avoid suspicion for so long. >> but now what you're seeing is people with american citizenship or american student visas and they're able to move freely in the united states. they may or may not have training. but they're so -- it's
Apr 21, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of the f.b.i.'s boston office, and colonel timothy alben of the state police. the f.b.i. took the lead and the marathon became a sprint. >> davis: very quickly, we established a command post at the westin hotel in the ballroom. and that expanded from about a dozen people when i first walked in the door to 100 people in the first hour. >> pelley: they found bomb parts right away. evidence cascaded in. >> davis: it's a logistical nightmare. we found very quickly that we needed a place to process this evidence, so a warehouse was obtained. very quickly, computers were brought in from the f.b.i. and the state police and the boston police and set up to review video. >> pelley: among the thousands of faces, they wanted to isolate people who didn't seem surprised. >> davis: and particularly one of the f.b.i. agents who's a technical expert did a tremendous job and really was the person that was able to get to the bottom of this very quickly. >> pelley: look at these people running in terror, but look deeper and see what the agent saw. this kid seems unconcerned. turned out, he came with a bac
Apr 18, 2013 8:00pm PDT
was bombed, we have photos, pictures of two men the fbi suspects in monday's attack. the fbi released these photos hours ago, asking for the public's help in finding or identifying them. the authorities are identifying suspect number one seen here in a dark hat and here's suspect number two in a white hat. according to the fbi, this suspect, number two in the white hat is the only one authorities believe they have seen on tape planting an explosive device. they believe the two men were associated. anyone who knows anything about either of the men is asked to call 800-call-fbi or leave information at bostonmarathontips.fbi ov. the fbi emphasized they consider them a armed and dangerous and urged the public not to take action on their own, which seems like wise advice. joining me is pete williams. this is a big development. what's the latest? >> reporter: it is a big development. the pictures don't show crystal clear view of the faces, of course. there's pictures that the fbi has not released. as you noted, they do believe they have images showing the man in the white hat, planting
Apr 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
cooker bomb, which the fbi says was made with exactly the same brand of pressure cooker. it also contained the similar fuse and bee-bees with glue on. they also say when they searched dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room at the u-mass dartmouth room, they found a black jacket and a white hat similar to what the person in the fbi pictures released last thursday night was wearing. so that's the forensic evidence. finally, there is new details about the carjacking that happened thursday night. say say it happened when the owner was sitting in the suv, one of the two brothers tapped on the window, opened a door, pointed a gun at him and said, "you may have heard of the boston bombings, we did it." they say the man showed him, there were bullets in his gun, they said, "i'm serious" they drove to another location and picked up the other brother. finally the carjacker escaped when they stopped at a gas station. all that, they say, merits two charges, both of which are federal bomb charges in es tense -- essence, one is a terrorism charge. they carry if potential for the death penalty. >> pete,
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 9:00pm PDT
at this hour. the fbi response team is there collecting, documenting and photographing and sifting through every inch of the area looking for possible clues as to who might have triggered those blasts today. we had a fleet of ambulances behind us that were on stand by and police officers searched vehicles with flashlights in a 12-block radius to make sure there are no other possible bombs ready to go off. ambulances to assist if needed. they were not z they were cleared but the fbi has taken control of the investigation and aadds they do in any act of terrorism and will be on scene for hours throughout the night if not for days ahead. of course as mentioned the blast took place after the race started. after the finishers crossed the line. the winners crossed a couple hours before this explosion went off of. 17,000 of them, 23,000 runners finished so the crowds had thinned somewhat. it's a fortunate thing for people who might have also been hurt but the injuries were horrific. according to witnesses and emergency room trauma doctors 140 treated in hospitals. more than 100 reported to be in
Apr 16, 2013 1:00pm EDT
>>> this was a heinous and cowardly act. and given what we know about what took place, the fbi's investigating it as an act of terrorism. anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> it was horrific. the bomb just took out the legs of everybody. >> it was very 9/11-ish, you know? >> when i made the turn, it was the first pop, boom, and another one, boom, and another one, boom. >> my immediate reaction was to seek cover. >> here we are in boston, just outside copley square. dealing wirth aftermath of the boston marathon bombings. the attacks on the people here have been felt in boston, in the state, around the country, and the world. we have new information for you about the investigation, about the struggles still going on in the hospitals for people dealing with serious injuries and of course the face that has captured us in the aftermath of this little boy, of little martin, 8 years old, lost his life. we jugot word from his family, bill richard, the father running the marathon, his son, daughter, wife all came to see him. my dear son martin
FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. >>> a call came in to the watertown police. three boston police officers with state troopers and fbi agents responded to franklin street. a man had gone out of his house after being inside of the house all day, abiding by our request to stay inside. he walked outside and saw blood on a boat in the backyard. he then opened the tarp on the top of the boat and looked in and saw a man covered with blood. he retreated and called us. we set up a perimeter around that boat and over the next hour or so, we exchange gunfire with the expect and the hostage rescue team removed the suspect of whom was still alive in the boat. we want to take suspects alive. >> i understand that. >> can you talk about -- . >> we want to take someone alive so we can find out what happened and hold them to justice. >> that is the hostage rescue team did work in trying to negotiate work out of the boat. from what i understand he was not communicating. there has been -- i don't that information. >> i think based upon our investigation at this point in time the citizens of the city of boston in this area can be confident tha
Apr 21, 2013 1:00pm PDT
, equipment, expertise of our city teams. once the scene is released to us, the fbi worked with this plan to open up this area to the public. the copley square re-entry plan is a five-phase effort that includes everything from environmental testing, including building assessment to debris removal, utility restoration, eventually full access plan. the deliberate step by step nature of our approach is reflective of our overreaching concern for the health and safety of our citizens. the pares and cooperation of our business owners and residents of this area have played a critical factor in the success law enforcement's investigation and it will be equally important as the city works to reclaim and restore boylston street. we have been working closely with business owners and the city business resource center to set up the park plaza. we'll also open up a mobile city hall close to the area for businesses to have more convenient access to representatives of the city. also a team has been in communication with the victims and the families and will continue to work with them as we move towards o
Apr 22, 2013 2:00am PDT
celebrating a marijuana celebration in colorado. good morning to you. i'm betty nguyen. the fbi's investigation into the boston terror attack is picking up steam as the city prepares to mark one week since the bombings. here's what we know this morning, suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in serious condition at a boston hospital with gunshot wounds including one to his throat possibly from a suicide attempt. he has yet to be charged in connection with the attack or been notified of his miranda rights, however, this morning officials tell nbc news he's awake and using pen and paper to answer questions from investigators. all of this as the fbi says it has obtained surveillance footage showing tsarnaev putting down his backpack near the finish line just minutes before the explosion. massachusetts governor deval patrick says he's been briefed on the footage. >> the suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion, so pretty clear about his involvement and pretty chilling
Apr 16, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. according to officials briefed on the case. late today the fbi said it's looking for a man carrying an unusually heavy black bag. >> the bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it. >> reporter: the fbi has losts of clues already. the white smoke indicates a bomb built with low velocity mixture turs, not military grade. >> they may not have had the resources as we've seen in other bomb attacks, but they knew how to make the bomb go boom. >> reporter: experts say the large pieces of metal, as seen here in the air suggest the bombs might have been concealed in or under a mailbox or trash barrel, as one witness described. >> i literally saw the garbage barrel explode. i saw at the flash, the fire, the smoke and i ran as fast as i could. >> all the evidence they collected might not look like much, but the investigators, every small piece of evidence they collect will be a treasure trove. >> reporter: in the fbi belief about the pressure cooker bears out, it will be no surprise to counterterrorism officials who have warned about their possible use for years.
FOX Business
Apr 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
now. former fbi assistant chief in boston, robert fitzpatrick on some other connections that keep popping appear. this might be a separate incident, but it does harkin people's memories back to the post 9/11 and tracks letters and more. did you wait? guys like you are very good investigating in trying to piece together disparate events, worry about these type of evidence? do you think this has a possibility to be part of a pattern? >> well, you know, neil, first of all, it is very interesting. as you suggested, or as your people suggested, the anthrax stuff after 9/11 becomes something to look at. now, if this is connected to the boston situation, i recall a couple of incidents where i was down at the fbi academy, and we had incidents of 9/11 with the japanese red army. you know, you may recall, the japanese red army. a bunch of other groups were highly involved. now, if this is now coming about in the lady talked about has reviewed that, she may be the kind of person that is simply referring to that. on the other hand, you cannot take any chances and you have to investigate. neil
Apr 16, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. >> the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> reporter: the president in the white house briefing room earlier today. and as late as tonight, still no idea as to who did this or why. but we have a better idea as to what was detonated here in boston. nbc's pete williams has been following the investigation in d.c. all day. pete, good evening. >> brian, good evening. still so many questions, but one has been answered, how many explosive devices were left at the scene. that answer is two. and officials describe them as crudely made but effectively used. and as of tonight, no suspects, no idea who did it or why. >> reporter: investigators have begun the process of recovering tiny pieces of the bombs to learn how they were made. they say it appears the devices were assembled inside pressure cooker pots similar to this one packed with bbs, ball bearings and nails to magnify the injury. as these homeland security bulletins note, pressure cookers have been used for decades in terror bombings. instructions for
Apr 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
you last night, the fbi found black nylon bag fragments at the blast site and believe that's how the devices were transported to the scene, they've also recovered pieces of the pressure cooker bombs and the press has received official fbi photos of those fragments. we can also report tonight on the identity of the third fatality victim, she was a chinese citizen and grad student of mathematics and statistics at boston university. she was an only child and her parents had declined interview requests because, quote, every time we speak about this, it is like a dagger in our hearts. she was watching the marathon with two other students, one was injured in the explosion and is in stable condition. there are still about 60 people in boston hospitals who were injured, 12 still in critical condition. okay, now, if you had the misfortune of watching those developments that i just recited play out in realtime today, you may well have just lost the thread entirely on the day's events, because this, this is what it looked like in realtime. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> an arrest has been
Apr 16, 2013 6:00pm PDT
investigators in a specific direction in this investigation? joining us now is dawn, a veteran of the fbi. assistant special agent in charge of the new york joint terrorism task force. chief operating officer of the strategic consulting agency. so, i don't know anything about the subject of bombs. did i say anything in that lead up that struck you? i think. >> i think you were spot on. it's not a unique phenomenon. it's none the less effective. you pointed out the difference between the bombs we saw for the plot where these, this person went and had specific training in pakistan, afghanistan, learned how to make the concentrated hydrogen peroxide and was going to use that as a main component. that takes training and a bit of practice, which he did, he practiced in denver, then came to new york. that was thwarted because of good intelligence. these are materials readily available. one of the things that will be interesting, what was the charging mechanism? circuit boards and timers and setting a directional charge. these are some of the things that add a degree of sophistication to a bomb
FOX Business
Apr 17, 2013 5:00pm EDT
and arrested in the horrific boston bombing. the fbi planning a press conference a bit later. let's two to the white house now to get latest details from fox business's rich edson. rich, what do you know? >> good evening, melissa. what we know the fbi pushed back its press conference. firms are telling fox news not to expect any major announcements for tonight. the fbi boston police department saying they have no one in custody in connection with this. however fox news has been reporting there is an image of a young man carrying and perhaps dropping a bag at the second bombing scene, something they're working with right now. also, when you talk about what's going on here in washington, d.c., the story of these two letters that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. one addressed to president obama. one addressed to senator roger wicker of mississippi. they were intercepted before they got to their destinations. preliminarily testing positive for ricin. it takes 24 to 48 hours says the fbi to confirm it was ricin and that is something they're working on right now. a bit of a scare here
Apr 23, 2013 11:00am PDT
, but i think the salient fact there, senator, is that the fbi text alert on him at that point was more than a year old and had expired. >> it is interesting that the secretary says the salient fact is that the investigation had already been closed into him, by the time he came back. well, salient, also troubling. let's bring in former cia operative and cnn analyst bob baer. help us make some sense of this. the concern is that there was a slip, right? that this was someone you should have had eyes on, and you didn't. what does it mean to you? >> i think, you know, when i first looked at this, i didn't think it was an intelligence failure. i now do think it is -- there should have been, you know, an algorithm running through the databases. the first warning from the russians in 2011, his departure going to dagestan, like going to the tribal areas of pakistan, it is a red flag, his coming back, and, of course, the purchase of weapons, a cell phone call, that should have all been integrated into what is called big data. and the fbi should have been back on him and i think the fbi needs to
FOX Business
Apr 16, 2013 9:20am EDT
is being questioned and where did they search? >> the fbi say they're questioning many people although one person of interest, a 20-year-old saudi here on a u.s. student visa and searched his apartment last evening and a fbi official telling nothing of concern in the apartment search. stuart: no charges, no arrests at this point, correct? >> not even calling him a suspect, stuart. stuart: okay. rich edson with the latest there, thank you very much, rich. now, what happened in boston, i'm going to say was a terror attack on a soft-impossible to defend target. is it the new broader threat we're all facing now? a big question for our next guest, kt mcfarland. look the at gold, we're open for business, still shy of 1400 an ounce after i'm calling it a crash in the last two days. 1393 right now. i'm going to bring in stephanie ames, she is the only list who sees gold at the $1265 level in the next three months and she made that forecast last thursday before the crash. stephanie ames with societe generale. make your case, stephanie. why do you see gold at 1265 soon? >> hello, yeah, we can see a
Apr 20, 2013 6:00pm PDT
was tingsted for assaulting his girlfriend and then was interviewed by the f.b.i. at the request of the russian government, concerned he might be a security threat. around this time, his uncle became concerned. >> it was a different tamerlan-- see no purpose in life but a pursue path of god. >> reporter: ruslan tsarni says it was a path that led ifecifically toward a strict interpretation of islam. >> i ask, "what is the path?" he would say, "it's one of jihad." "okay, do you know translation of word 'jihad'?" >> axelrod: tsrani says tamerlan had a negative influence on his younger brother, dzhokar. >> the older brother involved him. his brother was not really his brother. he used him. he used him. >> axelrod: cbs news national security analyst juan zarate says it's likely the brothers had help planning the attack. s> this was a fairly sophisticated operation, well timed, well planned, executed. they appear to have been trained or directed in some way, and, at a minimum, i think they practiced. and so, i think authorities are looking very carefully to see if someone was behind this attack other
Apr 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
others, investigators are still no closer to answers. late this afternoon, the fbi said no claims of responsibility have been received, and the search for suspects is wide open. deborah boxdy joins us now from boston with all of the latest. good evening, deborah. >> reporter: good evening, larry. i'm live here along boylston street in the heart of boston, about four blocks or so away from the marathon's finish line, where those two bombs exploded just one day ago. security around the city remains extremely tight, as people try to move on after that devastating attack. three people died, including 8-year-old martin richard of dorchester, massachusetts. more than 170 others were hurt. some of them losing limbs. earlier today, authorities began processing that crime scene, which now stretches about 12 city blocks. they detailed some of the evidence found at the scene during an evening news conference. >> among items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon, which could be from a backpack, and what appear to be fragments of bee-bees and nails, possible contained in a pressure coo
Apr 23, 2013 7:00pm EDT
of the united states from the podium in the white house. but that, as you saw, was what happened today. the fbi tells me, it is investigating this situation, and the secret service also says it's aware of what's going on here and we'll have to see what happens from here on out. but a very unusual story. and all sorts of questions raised about the role of twitter, the role of markets and the role of media in all this, larry. >> yeah, absolutely. thank you, eamon. appreciate it. actually, stay with us for a bit while we discuss this. next up is our cnbc investigative unit. they put together a short video and animation to explain how the a.p.'s password was compromised. the same thing happened to google not long ago. watch this. >> speak they click on a link and that's all they have to do. the page doesn't open up because there are not actual photos and they move on and decide something wasn't working right. in reality, their machine has just been taken over. completely in a silent manner, malicious software dropped into their machine. you see nothing on your desk top, continue doing your job and
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
this issue right any. not just the police within the city, but the state police, the fbi. there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people following leads as you and i are having this conversation. again, at the outset you did the right thing. a lot of questions, not too many answers. let's fill in the gaps with facts. >> i think we will. certainly there are thing we can learn from each instance. one of the things we learned on 9/11, as you learned well, is that al-qaeda, for example, works in waves. that is they want multiple attacks at one time to create the maximum amount of chaos. some said there seems to be similarities between the london and madrid bombings, mr. secretary. there are certain patterns you put together with certain groups and some people are more likely to claim credit than others? >> we are wait to go see if somebody claims credit. but you are right, the madrid bombings and the bombings in '05 in london, multiple attacks in public places, there one was the underground and the other was the public transportation system in madrid. so you get a sense, as we find out
FOX Business
Apr 16, 2013 1:24pm EDT
you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free. adam: police and fbi agents are racing to find out who is behind the boston bombings but as of right now they have no suspect in custody. fox's molly line is on the ground in boston and she joins us with an update on their investigation. molly? >> adam, there are a lot of unanswered questions. it is just beginning. still just about 2 hours since this event occur, since the two bombs went off here in downtown boston at the end of the finish line of the boston marathon. investigators are trying to piece things together. they are speaking with someone previously described as person of interest. a individual from saudi arabia. here on a student visa, in a local hospital injured at the scene. now they are saying he has been very cooperative. he may not actually have anything to do with this bombing. they actually have actually searched his apartment in nearby revere, a community just outside of boston and his roommates have spoken to the press. there has been a lot of focus on that but it turns out investigato
FOX Business
Apr 15, 2013 9:00pm EDT
'll see the smoke down the street a about one block from the first explosion. the fbi is confirmingplac another explosion took place at the jfk library about one hour from the finish lineiles 4 miles from where thesek explosions took place. no injuries are reported at the jfk location. law enforcement is stillble unable to confirm if it is related to these two. explosions. and the investigative source confirming that the boston a police have found and removed another suspected device located at st. ignatius church steps away from boston college. the city of boston has recalled all off-duty police officers for support.e above commissioner is preparing the public for a lot of o injuries and death beyond the two of what we know of this hour. >> to 50:00 p.m. today there were simultaneous explosions that occurred all along the route of the boston marathon.sion these explosions occurred 50 yards apart and each scene resulted in multiple casualty's. lou: we do not of course, lead to know that you as possible at this point* are 25 injured, two confirmed dead and the i department of justice is
Apr 21, 2013 6:00am PDT
as the drag net closed in around him. his f.b.i. wanted poster now marked captured is the image that puts to a close the first chapter in the story of the boston marathon bombing. and so the next chapter opens with nothing but questions. questions posed by the president himself. >> why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence? how did they plan and carry out these attacks? and did they receive any help? the families of those killed so senselessly deserve answers. >> reporter: answers that the full force of u.s. law enforcement and intelligence agencies are racing to learn. was there foreign help or training? older brother tamerlan spent six months overseas last year. he went to chechnya, areas where islamic extremists and violent chechen separatists are known to operate. >> he was away for six months. was that long enough to have done what? >> that's long enough to have done a lot of things. if you're motivated, have the connections, there's plenty of time there to be initiated into a group, receive training and potentia
FOX Business
Apr 19, 2013 4:00pm EDT
is joined by fbi director mueller. his national security advisor, lisa monaco, attorney general eric holder. you can see the back of vice president biden's head to the right of this picture. white house deputy press secretary josh ernest telling one of our fox news colleagues this morning the president is not trying to micromanage the situation up there. which is one reason why we haven't heard more from the white house today. meantime the dragnet for the younger brother. dzhokhar tsarnaev, continues in watertown. officials tell our colleague, catherine herridge at fox news that investigators are combing through all of the digital communication between the two brothers and anything we've seen online, to try to find any ties to radical islam or any terrorist groups. in the meantime it turns out that the brothers have an uncle who lives here in the washington area, in the maryland suburbs. reporters call caught up with him this morning and he told the younger brother who is now on the run to give up. >> i say, dzhokar, if you're alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims
Apr 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
williams joins me now live with the latest. pete, the fact that the fbi is withholding these photos, what is the reason? they've been wanting public help from the beginning of this investigation. but they don't seem to want to put this in public just yet. what's holding them back? >> not yet. i would guess frankly by the end of today it's a likelihood we'll begin to see these pictures. it just depends on whether they can run the string out that they have and identify them on their own. they would prefer to do it that way of course because that way they can preserve some element of surprise here. the problem is they don't know who these people are. they are focused especially on two people now. two young men and they don't know who they are so they what they want to do is find where they are and question them and see what they were up to. they would prefer to do that on their own if they can. so far they have not been able to. i believe they will release these pictures and it may happen today, chuck. >> the fact they would release the pictures, that would be then them saying we need help f
Apr 22, 2013 8:00pm PDT
by the fbi. and the carjacking victim was ultimately able to call police from a nearby gas station where dzhokhar was captured on a security camera. here is what we did not know until today. according to the complaint, here is how the carjacking went down. one of the suspects pointed a firearm at the victim and stated did you hear about the boston explosion? i did that. then, again, according to the complaint, after stopping at an atm to try to withdraw money from the victim's bank account, the two men and the victim then drove to a gas station convenience store where the two men got out of the car at which point the victim managed to escape. the carjacking victim was not released. he escaped, and he was able to do that, because according to the authorities, both brothers left him alone in the car at the gas station after telling him they were the boston marathon bombers. we also learned through the court filing that in a search of dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room yesterday, authorities found, quote, a black jacket and a white hat of the same general appearance as those worn by bomber two a
FOX Business
Apr 23, 2013 11:00am EDT
. the fbi was told by russia to look into the elder brother and we did not have a grasp. >> absolutely right. we are already learning, just as you said, that there have been a couple evidence data points that were probably lost but authorities along the way. we are learning that some of the brothers attended and objected to the more mainstream peaceful message coming from the pulpit. connell: may be unfair, but at the same time, when you are here in new york at the local level in something similar came in, and about new york city, is there something that should have been done differently? >> i will have to learn a lot more about what really happened in boston before i judge a situation there. authorities are caught in a very difficult situation. can you follow someone? are there operational concerns? if you are follow him, you are not following someone else. dagen: what do you think needs to change in terms of law enforcement, intelligence gathering, knowing what we know so far. >> i am reluctant to suggest structural change. say this, if we thought after 9/11 that we need to redouble our ef
FOX Business
Apr 16, 2013 3:00pm EDT
of this, but it is local fbi officials as well, so here, it's a regular day in front of the new york stock exchange, traders shaken, of course, by what happened last night, but they had a moment of silence this morning as they opened up the exchange, liz, and, again, life goes on, but new york is still under a heightened state of alert for a few days. liz: makes sense. listen, it was really since 9/11 have to be like this. so sad. thank you very much. >> yeah. liz: cheryl casone at the new york stock exchange. the expression is, pay back is a -- i'm not going to say it on the air, benny, but it's a "b," and carnival cruise line says they will repay the u.s. treasury department undisclosed amount in the cost of dealing with the two separate incidents where the ships malfunctioned leaving passengers stranded for days with problems like overflowing toilets and no food. meanwhile, royal caribbean unvailed a new class of ships. totally different company, royal caribbean, look at this, okay. look on your screen, stop what you're doing. it's a class of ships called the quantum, which makes sense
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